Menu & Prices

Menu & Prices

All you need to do is select a flavour for your sponge, and a flavour for your icing, it couldn’t be simpler!

We have a range of classics and some unique fusion flavours to choose from.


Prices will depend on the level of detail required in your chosen design as all elements are hand-made. You will be sent a full quotation once we have worked out what you would like. You can use the form here to get in touch.

Guideline Prices:

Mini cupcakes

from £1.50 (minimum order 24)


from £2.50 (minimum order 12)

Celebration Cakes

from £2.50 per portion (minimum order value £35)(just work out how many guests you need to feed and multiply by 2.5)

Cake Pops

from £1.75 (minimum order 10)


from £2.25 (minimum order 12)

Basic packaging is included. Price on quotation for custom packaging.

Size Guide

Cakes are available in a wide range of sizes, check out the FAQ here for more details. As a guide, our most popular cake sizes, a 6” sponge (price starting at £35) will feed up to 14 and an 8” round (starting price £50) will feed up to 25.


Cakes by Consultation

Custom made cakes for all occasions, with step-by step consultation. We are happy to guide you through the whole process.

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